Graduation & New Job

I graduated with Merit from the Bournemouth University MA Digital Effects course on Friday 11th. It was a very special day as I got to see everybody from my class again and celebrate, also my parents came all the way down from my home in the north-east of Scotland to watch me graduate.

This week has been especially eventful, as I also was offered a job at Framestore Commercials in London. I will be starting very soon as a Junior Houdini Technical Director, I am very excited and can’t wait to start.

I have also been busy in the meantime with new modelling projects, the Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk helmet and a Lego Star Wars character. Here are some work in progress renders of them, enjoy!

Angel of Dorset: Behind the Scenes

Here are some photographs from the production of my final Masters project ‘Angel of Dorset’.
The cliff jump shot was one that needed thorough testing to capture my friend, and actor in the piece, Martin leaping from the cliff in the best way. The initial idea was for the camera to follow Martin over the cliff as he jumps, however, this had to be cut due to the tight deadline. To get a good jump shot we booked out the greenscreen studio, along with a crash mat from the gym and filmed several takes of Martin diving from the platform. Due to a huge amount of post work to use any of the footage, along with lighting inconsistencies, I decided not to use this. However, it served as valuable time spent in the greenscreen studio, setting up studio lighting and tracking markers, and the use of the camera on the track and jib. The shoot very much informed how we would tackle the project, and helped speed up the rest of the filming process.
The photographs here are from the greenscreen studio shoot, and also a test of a panorama stitching app for my iPhone. The app is called 360 Panorama, and I wanted to test it’s potential for use with environment lighting in 3d. Of course this would only be if the iPhone was the only camera at hand, for my Masters project I used a Cannon 5D MkII with a fish eye lens.

Long time, no words!

Hello all! I’m very sorry for the long delay in between my last post and this. I have been extremely busy this summer completing my MA Digital Effects course at Bournemouth University. It’s been a very tough year and an unrelenting summer of work but it was well worth it, and I’m going to show you all what I have not had the chance to upload due to the workload. Over the coming weeks there will be a ‘behind the scenes’ production of my masters project ‘The Angel of Dorset’, showing you how I went about creating the film. Also I will be starting some new projects that you will get to see the development of, so it looks like it going to get much busier on here! Keep coming back to see the new projects and their development!

Based in the City

2nd term group project on the MA Digital Effects course at Bournemouth University
Members: Myself, Si Mercer, Martin Rosenkranz, Enrico Selmi, Roger Chiaw, Zeynep Kilic

Breakdowns of shots I was responsible for:
Breakdown of Shot 1

Breakdown of Shot 2

Breakdown of Shot 3

Breakdown of Shot 4