Argos: 2012 commercials

Framestore handles a lot of the Argos alien commercials, they require a lot of post work to remove the puppeteers, also each character needs eye replacements so they can be animated in 3d after the shoot.
I was in charge of the head tracking for these Argos commercials, so the eye replacement could be done.

British Airways: London 2012

Framestore created this commercial for British Airways, having a full cg aeroplane travel through London locations to dock at the Olympic stadium in Stratford.
I was responsible for creating the cg crowd using tools developed for the Pepsi Crowd Surfing commercial.

Arla: Team Arla 2012


Framestore created many commercials for the ‘Team Arla’ campaign. This comprised of muzzle replacements on animals for lip syncing and a fully cg squirrel and finch. I was responsible for lighting and rendering the finch. using the in house groom tools within Houdini.

Pepsi: Crowd Surfing 2012

Here is the first commercial I worked on at Framestore. I was responsible for lighting, rendering crowd setup on shots. I also worked with another VFX artist, to produce the giant particle name projections in the sky. I was also in charge of cataloguing and editing the motion capture data into looping character animation cycles.