Showreel 2014

I have edited together my updated showreel comprising mainly of my work over the last 2 years from working at Framestore.
Work from Jupiter Ascending is still to be added once I have permission.

Work Shown:
British Airways: Olympics 2012
Tooned 50: Episode 2 The Bruce McLaren Story
University Group Project: Based in the City
Pepsi: Crowdsurfing
Sony: Four Times the Detail
Zeo: Zeo Is Here
Galaxy: Audrey Hepburn Moon River
Audi E-Tron: Powerwalking
3 Mobile: All You Can Eat
Pepsi: Beyoncé Mirrors
Tooned 50: Episode 1 A Night To Remember
Argos: Aliens
Peroni Nastro Azzurro: Una Storia Di Ispirazione

Sony: Four Times The Detail

Here is the last television advert I worked on as part of Framestore’s commercial department.
We were tasked with adding photorealistic petals to shots to enhance those filmed on set, to really bring together the image of a huge volcanic eruption of flower petals.
I worked on several shots simulating Houdini fluid volumes and the advecting particles by this to achieve the effect.
I was also responsible for tracking many of the shots. Given that the majority of the plates were obscured by thousands of petals, getting a solid solve was an extremely difficult job.

Argos: 2012 commercials

Framestore handles a lot of the Argos alien commercials, they require a lot of post work to remove the puppeteers, also each character needs eye replacements so they can be animated in 3d after the shoot.
I was in charge of the head tracking for these Argos commercials, so the eye replacement could be done.